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The Reality of an Introvert

Real Talk. On being introverted.

I really like the reference of batteries when talking about energy level. It really is like that for me. That's why at events you'll see me, and then not see me. Or I'm wandering around picking up twigs/flowers/leaves, staring off at the sky, or just standing around zoned out. Battery is low and I'm charging.

Every interaction outside my charging people is draining but it's not always a bad thing. There's marathon playing candy crush until my battery dies. It's super fun and a bummer when I'm out of juice.

There's obligatory usage throughout the day and I didn't notice the low bat until it's too late. Usually ends with a "whoops I fell asleep." Then there's when a friend borrows my phone to make "one" call and gives it back with a dead battery.

Recharging has different forms too. Sometimes I can hang out in a room plugged in to a craft for a little boost with occasional conversation. Like working on a hand project or petting a nearby fur baby. Fur babies are super charging!

Sometimes I have to step away for a bit, I'll go find a job to do or lay down for a few minutes. In extreme cases I need to sit in quiet, without any kind of stimulation for a few hours or days. This is when I only want to be around my charging people. This is where I'm at right now. I'm in a system reboot and every time something interrupts that process I have to start over. Super frustrating. (Interruptions can be talking, emotional bids, loud noises, etc.)

So what am I trying to say? Basically. these are my facts. Sometimes I need to be let alone for two seconds together so I can get my head straight because the more tired I get, the less control I have over my emotional state. At the end of the day if I find myself recharging and someone is intentionally trying to force me to interact with them I'm going to assume they are a bit of a jerk. And also probably selfish. Intentionally being the key word. This doesn't include messages cause I can respond to those whenever I want, I don't feel any pressure about that.

So yeah, take space for yourself but don't forget to give space too.

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