It is easy to want to give up everything, to wish that one day you do not wake up again. We want to talk about depression. We want to talk about suicide. We want to talk about mental illness. Depression and teenage suicide are not topics that get a lot of light on within society. They are dark and hidden within the shadows, but when light shines on them, they want to scatter. Bring them into the light and acknowledge that they exist. We want to help you to keep choosing life.


Our Mission

Keep Choosing Life was born from the struggles of myself, Savanah Clements. I spent years struggling with the battle that happened inside my head every day of wanting to end my life or keep living it. I felt as if I had no one to turn to or to talk to when I was struggling with my depression; I felt so unbelievably alone. I knew at that point in time that I never wanted someone to feel as low as I did because it is a dark and difficult place to be. It is one thing to be comfortable in your darkness but it is another to make a home in it. 

My dream to help others know their worth is a big one and I will continue to fight and help others who were once in my position to keep choosing life, no matter what it takes. 

The goal of this non-profit is to provide help to those who need it. Whether that be covering the costs of therapy or therapy apps, sending out self-care kits, or just being a friend, we are here. Every life has value and every life is worth fighting for.


Keep Choosing Life operates with the three below values when helping others with their struggles. We are a caring organization and will do what we can to help. 

  • Inspire others and people around you to reach out to those in need.

  • Empower others to see the beauty in their struggles and their journey to claim it as their own.

  • Show others your strength and the capacity that you have to help them find theirs.

Keep Choosing Life has helped young adults realize that their struggle with depression is not a negative battle. They can continue to keep living out their life and show the world the colors that they see.
— Savanah Clements

How can you support us?

Donate! Buy Merch! Share, like, comment on our posts on our social media platforms. Any support helps the organization grow and bring awareness to suicide and mental health.

Ready to take the next step? You can become a contributor to our cause or participate yourself.