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Depression and Suicide are more common than the world may think. We have lost a number of great artists, celebrities, parents, friends, siblings, etc. to suicide. Make it a conversation. Help people choose life. Help them to realize what their worth is and how bright their light can shine. 


Founder & CEO of  Wilder Minds Collective

Founder & CEO of Wilder Minds Collective

J. Estrada: I Am unstoppable

The idea of being unstoppable is something that has gotten me through the lowest and highest points in my life. The idea that you are capable of more than you are even able to conceive; that none of the shit you've been through, people who've fucked you up, or the ideas and opinions you have of yourself can stop you from doing anything in the world you could imagine. This idea is sometimes the only thing that can get me through the nights where I feel like I am completely alone on the planet, that idea is also the reason why the next morning I force myself to get out of bed, even when it feels like I've been buried alive. I force myself to get out of bed and I do something that will not only make me happy, but will have a positive affect on those around me with the potential to cultivate a positive change in the world. The idea of being unstoppable continues to save me and continues to remind me how amazingly resilient we all really are. 

Founder & Director of  KCL

Founder & Director of KCL

S. Clements: I Am enough 

I have battled with eating disorders to look thin, I have battled with scars because I used to cut, I have battled with panic attacks because my anxiety took over. It took years to get to where I am at now and I could not be happier. I have fought for so long to realize that everything I am today, is enough. My existence is a blessing, my struggles with depression and anxiety are not negative characteristics, they make up who I am. I have been gifted with artistic skills and an empathetic heart. I never noticed these qualities until I had hit rock bottom and was wishing I did not wake up the next day. I know what it is like to feel like you are worth nothing and that everything you do is pointless. I found my strength in the struggle and because of that alone, I know that I am enough. 

I chose this tattoo as my memorial piece and placed it on my right wrist near one of the scars from that day. It’s the number 13 in Japanese in remembrance of 08/13/2002. Though I’m not a religious person myself, it felt only right that there is a shape of a cross with the three lines under it which would be representative of the three of us that day.
— Anjelica Strope

A. Strope: I am a sole SURVIVOR

And the Survivors Guilt can often be more than my soul can bare.

08/13/2002 at 6:31 a.m. I lost my best friend, her cousin who I had just met the night before and the girl I used to be in the blink of an eye. We had started our day wide awake and ready to hit the road. One by one, my best friends cousin had fallen asleep, then I fell asleep.... Shortly after, I woke up to realize my best friend had fallen asleep at the wheel... we were about to crash.

For some reason I stuck my arm out the rear passenger side window and held on to the roof of the car for dear life. The car stopped and I was the only one still in the car. All I could do was get out and look for my best friend and her cousin in pure surreal desperation. The sheriff who arrived at the scene noted that our car flipped 9 times and all I had to show for it was road rash on my right outer forearm. Not a single bone broken or crushed. Everyone said I was lucky that I didn’t lose my arm or my life but I did not feel the same.

Survivors guilt is real & though I know there was nothing I did to cause the accident & nothing I could have done to prevent it, it’s been a daily struggle ever since. I am a sole survivor & though it may break me more than I let others see, I keep choosing life not just for my friends and family, but to honor my best friend. She was so incredibly full of life and would not have wanted this to overshadow my life. So as hard as it can be, I keep choosing life.