Self-care kits

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Proceeds from merchandise sales and/or donations will go towards creating self-care kits for individuals who need it. The self care kits contain a variety of things that can help one distract themselves from what they may be dealing with. Each self care kit will be different in some way, but all will serve one purpose. The mind is a tricky thing to control, but it is possible. 

Self Care Kits are also part of our Buy One Donate One - Buy one for yourself and donate the other to someone who needs it.

The self care kits will include a few of our founder's favorite things that she used to handle the battle going on in her mind.  When received, make sure to share and tag us @keepchoosinglife so we can see how much you love your kits!

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An app created in 2015 by a woman who knows what it is like to want help at a time when she felt she did not have any. The app is very user friendly and is helpful to the individual who may be suffering with anxiety or depression. It provides information and resources to those who need it and it is all within the individual's control. Since it is an app, it is help at your finger tips. Anxietyhelper can be downloaded from the App Store. 

Connect those to the help they need

Proceeds from merchandise sales and/or donations will also go towards connecting those individuals to the help they may need. Help can come in many forms whether that be rehab for attempts or counseling, it is important that the individual receive whatever best suited for them. These methods can be costly and difficult to obtain for some people, but we can do what we can to help them out.