Darkness is not something that we define by how little light there is or how the sun sets and changes the color palette of the sky to a deeper color scheme that can be hard to find in the paint section at the store. I saw darkness as my home once, and sometimes still do. When I miss it, I crawl back to the deepest part of my mind that I thought was gone forever, and sit in comfort.

It's Okay

No matter what I tell myself, I know that things will be okay. Every day is a battle, but I am getting through it. Some days are easier than others and some days are harder than others, but I am learning to get through it. I tell myself "its okay" probably a thousand times a day, because that is what makes things easier for myself. Deep breaths, closed eyes, and meaningful silences are what I do. I do what I can to make my existence easier on myself. Going from nights of wanting to stop breathing to mornings where I am thankful to be awake is  a huge change and one for the better considering the struggles that I have been facing for several years. Coming face to face with my own demons was not a task I thought I would ever be able to handle, but all I can say is that this is me seeing the light for the first time and never being so happy to be out of the dark.