Everyone overcomes their hardships in different ways. I know I overcame my struggles some how. But I guess I have never really thought about it until someone asked me about it. I knew I stopped cutting and stopped attempting for a reason. 

But what is that reason? 

I have hidden it for so long and I think have buried it so far down that I try not to have it resurface. I focus so much on my actual struggles and I feel like I forgot about the strongest part. 

I over came my struggles for the reason that I wanted to help others. I wanted to overcome my struggles so that I could focus my attention to others. Suicide is a very selfish action. I know that is cliche to say but it is. I know that my reasons were purely for me and would negatively affect everyone else if they would find out. No one should feel the way I did but I know they do. And I wanted to help. 

I want to be the voice in the back of the head screaming out why things happen and why things shouldn't happen. Things will be okay. That's what I had to tell myself for so long and it was so hard to accept, but I know I had to. 

My scars are my story, and I accepted that just recently. They are covered by endless amounts of ink, but they are a part of who I am. 

But so is my reason.