Self Care Kits


Self Care Kits


-A journal
-Assorted Workbook (will vary)
-Assorted Face mask
-Assorted Roller ball essential oil
-Chamomile Epsom Salt mixed with CBD bath salt

-Casual Industrees Beanie

-KCL Stickers

Some products vary every time the self care kits are created

These self care kits are a part of Buy One, Donate One!

Self care kits can be beneficial for everyone. I use these items in my every day self care routines and they have truly helped with my mental health. I also believe that the items in the kits can benefit you as well through your mental health journey. But here is the kicker, you can help others benefit from these self care kits as well. When you buy a self care kit, one also gets donated! You can have it donated to a friend or a family member that you may know of who is also battling with a mental illness or you can leave the option up to me!

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